Friday, July 22, 2016

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Wearing PaperCrown by Lauren Conrad and sharing some of my favorite finds of the week

Want healthy, happy nails? Here are 8 things your manicurist wants you to stop doing now.

How great would this sweater look with denim cut offs and tan booties?

Lately I've been super tempted to lighten and brighten my naturally dark locks. What do you think of this subtle(ish) balayage?

This lavender infused iced coffee looks incredible. 

Nordstrom's huge Anniversary Sale is officially in full swing which means everyone has access to all of those amazing steals. Go, go, go! 

Make a statement with these fresh floral earrings.

Perfectly distressed jeans. Nab 'em now while they're on sale. 

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

7 Everyday Beauty Essentials To Nab During Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

7 everyday beauty essentials to buy during Nordstrom's HUGE anniversary sale

When it comes to hair and makeup I'm a big believer in the age old philosophy, less is more. If I'm being 100% honest with you guys this is mainly because I'm about as far from a beauty expert as you can get (I have yet to master the cat eye and my bestie taught me how to braid hair at the ripe old age of seventeen!) but also because I genuinely think it's pretty easy to go overboard and enter drag queen territory. Just to clarify, I think drag queens are f**king fabulous but there's no way my personality could ever live up to beauty that bold.

Anyways, my point here is this; being a less is more gal means I really know what I like and that's particularly awesome when it comes to navigating huge sale events like Nordstrom's current one. Instead of going nuts buying up everything around me (because, let's face it, luxury cosmetics and tools are rarely discounted) and getting little to no use out of my purchases I simply fill up my cart with items I'll want to use every day for years (yes years!) to come. Here's a look at 7 staples worth nabbing during Nordstrom's highly anticipated Anniversary Sale . . .

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brow Studio Set Not on the Anastasia train yet? Girl, it's time to hitch a ride. I was first introduced to the iconic brand when I moved to Dublin and managed to score an appointment at one of Ireland's best loved beauty destinations, Elysian Brows. Legit miracle workers these guys were so popular that they rarely bothered to pick up the phone - with a waitlist that long there was no point, you weren't getting in and clients were smart enough to keep their appointments. Having had horrendous brow issues my entire life (one esthetician actually told me "there's nothing I can do for you!") I was thrilled when I wrangled my way into the studio and even more thrilled when I saw the results of my first threading sesh. Yeah, I still had a few pesky gaps but this brow angel had somehow gotten my caterpillars under control and given me a facelift in the space of 30 minutes . . . WTF? From that point on I knew I'd trust this girl with just about anything so when she recommended a "little brand called Anastasia" (yep, it was little back then!) I jumped on it and have never wanted to look back. With a huge selection of pencils and gels in natural looking shades that boast a crazy high level of stay-put-ability there's quite literally an Anastasia product for every single brow out there. Personally, these are 2 of my faves and in this bundle they're a total bargain.

Lancome, Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover Duo We all know that the skin around our eyes is thinner and more sensitive as a result but I've never been more aware of that than when I spilled an entire bottle of this stuff on vacation with the hubs and had to make do with a generic drugstore brand for three whole days. I know what you're thinking "what a snob," "it's just three days," "here we go with the first world problems" but for me, being forced to use that shall-remain-nameless product (#notahater) was like being forced to bathe my eyeballs in acid every day. No matter how much or how little I used tears would come streaming down my face and I'd still be left with 'coon eyes a la Little Jenny in Gossip Girl. Worse still, those few uses actually left me with a super red and super dry patch right under my left eye that took weeks to go away - eek! Needless to say, I always make sure I'm fully stocked up on Lacome's Bi-Facil (FYI: Sephora often offers members the travel size in exchange for 100 reward points) and try to keep my clumsiness to a minimum.

Yves Saint Laurent, Rock Pink Set My favorite thing about a good lippy? Even the most subtle swipe of your favorite shade can be enough to press reset on a bad day. If you ask me, finding a good lippy is like mastering the art of illusion and if you decide to take it up a notch by pairing your preferred hue with statement sunnies I guarantee you'll be able to get away with just about anything. Take me for example, I'm perpetually running late so there's no way I'd ever have time for foundation or eyeliner before a shoot but with bold lipstick, big sunglasses and an even bigger smile on my face there's no reason you have to know that. While undoubtedly my go-to for photoshoots the beautiful matte effect of Mac's Ruby Woo can be extremely drying so I typically try to switch it out for something creamier when it comes to more everyday events. Taking depth of color plus hydration into account (and quite possibly the super chic packaging too) YSL's lipsticks have always provided the perfect balance for me.

GHD, Platinum Professional Styler I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best hair styler on the market today. I've been using GHD hair tools for over ten years guys (that makes me feel so freakin' old!) and I'm not about to stop any time soon. Think I just found one I liked and then decided "okay fine, I'll stick to this."? Nope, over the years I've bought others of equal or lesser value to keep at home for visits from college, when I've gone on holiday and accidentally left mine behind and, of course, when the whole "wet to dry" craze reared it's ugly head. Long story short, these guys may be an investment but getting the job done better, faster and safer than any other stylers they're an investment worth making. Currently marked down to $174 thanks to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale the brand's Platinum Styler is hardly going cheap but if you consider the fact that items like this are never discounted plus the cost per use it's a total steal.

Living Proof Perfect, Hair Day Set I've long been a fan of Living Proof and have approximately 7 different products from the brand in my bathroom at all times including jumbo sized vats of shampoo and conditioner which I typically buy from the brands website. Needless to say, after a lot (a lot!) of trial and error I genuinely believe this is one of the best beauty brands out there if not the very best in hair fullstop. Delicious and nutritious (for your strands I mean - duh!) I've been using Miss Aniston's go-to almost exclusively for the past two years and haven't felt the need to shell out for a super-pricey Keratin treatment since. Fans of the label don't need me to tell them how awesome this particular set is but for those of you who are unfamiliar then this is the perfect way to get acquainted. Not only will you get a chance to try a cleansing and conditioning routine that actually transforms your hair but the best dry shampoo on the market hands down - hands firmly down!

Laura Mercier, Flawless Icons Eye & Cheek Palette Maybe I'm wrong but something tells me this one needs very little explanation. Created by one of the beauty industry's leading ladies the eight colors included in this palette are as versatile as they are flattering. Trust me, whatever you get up to, no matter when or where this is going to be all you need to blow 'em away.

Clarisonic, Mia Pink Cleansing System Ted bought me this exact Clarisonic for Christmas a few years ago (don't worry, it wasn't a not-so-subtle hint, I'd actually told him 101 times that this is what I wanted) and I've been crushing on it ever since. I've always had problem skin (think one pesky break out followed by three more - yay!) and using this regularly has really helped me to get it under control. Not only am I a huge fan of the results I've been seeing but those I've been feeling as well. Trust me, there's nothing like that squeaky clean sensation you get after using one of these bad boys. At just $89 this seems like one of the most obvious no-brainers in the whole #NSale line up so if you've even been curious about the Mia then I'd say now is definitely the time to give it a spin. My one tip? Don't overuse it. It's really not a morning and night, day after day kind or product. Take it easy on your skin and try to leave a day in between uses.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Full On Florals

How pretty is this pink floral midi dress from WAYF? Even better yet it's currently on sale

Dress: WAYF | Sandals: Stuart Weitzman 
Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: Henri Bendel 
Y-Neck: Baublebar | Star Necklace: Gorjana 

You know when you've been crushing on a dress for months but resisted buying it because you're not 100% sure it's going to look good on your short 'n' pear shaped self and then one sangria-soaked night you finally spy it on mega-sale (okay, so maybe we're getting a little too specific here) and think "Yes! I'm so f**king smart to have waited it out!" even though you weren't technically waiting it out? (Phew, I need to take a breath!) Well, I love that feeling and I instinctively love any item I consider a steal way more than I otherwise might have. 

As most people who have spent thirty minutes with me know me will tell you, I'm not the most patient of gals. As such I rarely get to experience this kind of shopping-related joy (I'm really beginning to sound like I need to get out more) but I recently managed to nab this gorgeous WAYF dress for less than $80 when I'd almost paid $130 so naturally I had to document the occasion with 101 photos. All jokes and early-morning-weirdness aside though, I'm ridiculously happy to have finally pulled the trigger on this floral number. If you ask me, the print is as close to perfect as you're ever going to get and the long sleeves plus midi length hem make it a real statement piece. Not only that but I love that I'm getting that maxi dress vibe without actually having to go the maxi dress route which so often overwhelms my frame - and that's after a ton of expensive alterations. 

For those of you who are curious, I bought this dress in a small and am so glad I did because 1. I'm pretty sure my booty wouldn't fit in an extra-small and 2. it's meant to have a fitted yet relaxed, airy vibe. Right now there are only a few of these pretties left and in limited sizes too but I did notice that Shopbop managed to get a hold of one medium since last night (thank goodness for returns, am I right?) so if that's the size you're after then today is your lucky day! Speaking of which, I'd love to hear about any sale steals you lucked out on recently. Have you shopped the massive Nordstrom sale yet?

Ruby Woo by Mac has to be my favorite red lipstick of all time - I just love the matte finish.

Short? You can still wear midi and maxi dresses! Just pair your favorite frock with Stuart Weitzman's chic nudistrong sandals which are flattering and chic

Stomp! Walking through Boston's beautiful Public Gardens on a sunny summer evening

How pretty is this neutral saddle bag from COACH? I love the vintage style and it's the perfect size for day and night.

Layering delicate gold pendants from Gorjana and Baublebar for a subtle but chic look

Bold and beautiful I'm pairing this floral midi dress from WAYF with neutral accessories so it can do ALL the talking

With it's bold floral print, long sleeves and midi length hem this WAYF dress is a total statement maker. Pair it with nude accessories to keep it fresh and chic.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ten Under $100 - Must Haves From Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

Helping you navigate Nordstrom's HUGE Anniversary Sale by choosing the ten best pieces under $100

There are just a few more days left until Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale goes public and you know what that means; there are just a few more days to call dibs on the pieces you want before the entire world does!

Less familiar with #NSale? There's nothing I love more than being the bearer of good news (well, maybe a good sale!) so allow me to clue you in. One of the most highly anticipated annual events in any style lovers calendar Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale involves thousands of new arrivals from your favorite brands - think Topshop, Dior and Steve Madden - going straight to sale for a limited time. With new season pieces being sold for a fraction of their original price for just a couple of weeks I'm guessing I don't need to tell you how quickly things can disappear from those digital shelves. 

Happily, there is a way for us to essentially "jump the queue." What does that involve? Becoming a Nordstrom cardholder which makes you a rewards member which makes you eligible for all kinds of awesomeness including "Early Access" to things like the store's huge Anniversary Sale. 

Since "Early Access" officially launched a few days ago a lot of items have already sold out including a few I wish I'd snapped up. Thankfully however, I'm not feeling too much buyers remorse (should that be non-buyers remorse?) because a sale as epic as this always has 101 other must haves on offer. Speaking of which, here are ten of my favorite pieces coming in under the $100 mark . . . 

Not a Nordstrom cardholder? You can easily apply for one (credit or debit) and gain access to the store's Anniversary Sale here. That being said, the sale does go public on the 22nd of July so you could always use this post (and this one) to work on your wishlist ahead of time - that way you're ready to shop the moment it is!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Into The Blue

Taking my new ditzy print Oasis dress for a summer stroll through Boston

Dress: (similar here and here) | Bag: Coach 
Sunglasses: Henri Bendel | Sandals: (similar here
Cuff: Chloe & Emma | Star Necklace: Gorjana

I'm a bad blogger, a really bad blogger. Why? Because this post is coming to you at midday. The reason? I may have stumbled across The Outnet's massive clearance sale this morning. Honestly, I kind of feel like 85% off gorgeous goodies from Oscar de la Renta, Chloe and DVF buys me a free pass here (even the mere thought is enough to make any style-lover giddy) but I am feeling guilty about the whole tardiness/spending money I don't technically have thing - eek! 

It's funny, I may have only realized I'm a huge sucker for a sale today but looking back it's clear there's a pattern here. I mean, did I need to add yet another floral dress to my wardrobe last week? Um, not so much. You have to admit it though, this blue printed number from Oasis is bloomin' cute (see what I did there? Did ya, did ya?) and the second I noticed it was included in the store's up-to-70%-off sale well, let's just say I had to have it!

Un(fortunately) it's looking like I may have nabbed the very last of these pretty midi dresses (don't hate - please!) but don't worry because it's now available in a new and dare I say improved print.  Not as big a fan of the new florals as this gal? You can nab the very same pattern in a flirtier cut here. Of course, you could make that sale section your B and opt for a whole number of floral frocks including this cut-out cutie I wore here just a few short weeks ago. 

Have you scored any major sale steals lately? Her wallet may not feel the same but this girl always wants to hear about those!

Pairing my favorite floral dress from Oasis with nude block heels for a chic yet comfortable look

Snap up this pretty blue floral dress on sale before it's too late

Wearing a pretty tiffany blue dress while checking out the iconic jeweler; Tiffany and Co.

Pairing my favorite blue midi dress from Oasis with navy gems and a nude clutch bag for a summer date night

Stay cool but look hot in this floaty, floral midi dress from Oasis

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